How To Find The Right Bodybuilding Program

With so many bodybuilding programs out there, how can you be sure that you’re choosing the right one? To achieve the kind of muscle strength that you are after, you must understand not just your body’s needs but what different bodybuilding programs have to offer. If you are after fitness, for example, you will follow a different routine than if you want to build muscle. Similarly, if you want to gain weight, there are specific techniques to help you do that. How do you know which is which?

Types of bodybuilding

To start with, you need to understand that there are 4 categories of bodybuilding, and each achieves a different aim.

  • Amateur bodybuilding

You can call it lightweight bodybuilding. People who choose it do it either as a hobby or so that they can participate in amateur competitions. Because many gyms do not cater to beginners in bodybuilding, the challenge here is to find a gym that has the machines and weights for this kind of bodybuilding. If you cannot find one near you, try and buy the equipment that you need online and set up a gym in your home. Most people fall into this category.

  • Professional bodybuilding

At this level, most gyms have the equipment that is needed. The routines to build abs, gain muscle, gain weight and increase fitness are more or less the same as you would get with amateur bodybuilding but with more reps and heavier weights.

  • Natural bodybuilding

This is professional bodybuilding but with chemical stimulants added. You take the same routines, step them up a good deal, and then use the aid of illegal steroids (which is very dangerous), build much more muscle, get a lot fitter, develop much bigger abs and you can now participate in professional bodybuilding competitions.

  • Extreme bodybuilding

This is the hardcore stuff; the work here is tougher than in all the previously mentioned ones and at this level, you will be competing with people who look like what Arnold Schwarzenegger looked like in younger days. Of course, you are taking chemical stimulants and illegal steroids in addition to working out which we do not recommend you do!

Now you know the different kinds of bodybuilding. How do you choose?

The first thing that you should do is determine your needs. If you are looking to blow off some steam and have fun while building abs, strength, and muscles, amateur bodybuilding is just for you. If you want to be the next Mr. World, you are heading for extreme bodybuilding.

Are heading for extreme bodybuilding. Next, look at the kind of equipment that is available to you. The higher up you go, the more expensive things get. Most gyms cater to professional bodybuilding and have little natural. If you are looking for amateur or extreme, you should be ready to commit more time looking for the right weights and other equipment.

Are you ready to take steroids? An extremely dangerous drug. Some bodybuilders prefer to go it without the help of chemical substances. If you feel that way, then stick to the amateur and professional kind of bodybuilding.

Think about what you do. If you are a banker, for example, you might not fit in very well in the office if you have such huge abs that they are constantly bulging under your jacket. If you are free lancer, you can go ahead and develop as much muscle as you want. The higher up you go, the less your chances of a regular career.

If you are buying a routine from the net, choose something that guarantees you results. The good ones promise a refund, no questions asked, if you do as instructed and don’t get the results that you want.

Choose something that combines diet with bodybuilding. The body builder’s diet is critical. To achieve a certain body mass, he has to eat in a certain way or otherwise deplete his body. A comprehensively described diet is vital.

If you are looking for a different bodybuilding program than the one that you have now, choose something that you have never done before. The body records movements as it gets used to them and eventually, the movements stop being effective.

It is important to know that you cannot achieve abs, build muscle and gain weight with just a few workouts. You have to start at fitness and then work your way up. You have to allow your body time to heal between sessions. You won’t achieve the body that you are after in a few short weeks so be ready to take your time and put in the energy and commitment that is required.

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