Bodybuilding Tips Exercise Workouts Diet

Bodybuilding is a popular pastime as well as being a great sport. Although bodybuilding is no longer as popular as it was in the days of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Lou “The Hulk” Ferrigno lots of people and especially men go to the gym with the sole purpose of making their muscles bigger.

As you check it out on the internet, there is a ton of information around on bodybuilding but to save you wading through endless articles, here are a whole lot of bodybuilding tips designed to help you develop the best physique possible…

Bodybuilding Tips For Beginners

Beginners should focus on the basics and train using compound exercises and using full-body workouts. Focus on building strength and developing the exercise and nutrition habits that will form the basis of all future training. Save the complicated split routines, isolated exercises, and fancy diets for when they are really needed – at a more advanced level.

Bodybuilding Diet Tips

A bodybuilder’s diet should be healthy and high in protein. To build muscle you need a calorific surplus which means if you aren’t gaining weight and you are training hard you simply are not eating enough. Eat at least three good-sized meals a day and three snacks too. Base each meal around natural foods and try to steer clear of processed junk and takeaways. Remember, to be big you need to eat big but that doesn’t mean you should get fat!

Bodybuilding Supplement Tips

Bodybuilding supplements can help add an extra edge to your training and your recovery. Creatine monohydrate can help increase your energy levels, whey protein makes it easier to get enough essential protein into your diet, fish oils can help regulate inflammation, mass gainers do exactly what their name suggests and protein bars make for a healthy bodybuilding snack. However, even the best supplements will be ineffective if you don’t train, sleep and eat properly.

Bodybuilding Workouts

You MUST follow a logical, progressive workout plan if you want to be a successful bodybuilder. If you go into the gym and do whatever exercises you feel like with no real rhyme or reason then you cannot expect to make progress. As the saying goes, if you never aim at anything, you’ll always hit it. If you cannot design your own workout plan, then follow one like this one detailed in the best-selling TheMuscleMaximizer.

Bodybuilding Tips for Men

Too many men spend too much time training their upper bodies and not enough time on their legs. Women understand the reason for leg training but because men value big arms and chests more than legs they tend to overlook their “wheels”. Leg training is the key to maximizing your total body muscle growth so get under the bar and squat

Natural Bodybuilding Tips

Many of the bodybuilders you see in magazines are “on gear” or are “juicing” – gym-talk for taking steroids – so don’t compare your progress or your physique to theirs; it’s like comparing apples to bicycles!

Also, many high-volume, three-hour-long workouts are only suitable for chemically enhanced bodybuilders and are all but useless for natural trainees. No safe supplement will ever compare to steroids but you can increase your natural testosterone and human growth hormone levels with products like this HyperGH14x.

HyperGH14x has been shown to Stack on MORE lean muscle, reduce overall body fat composition, pump up the intensity of workouts, noticeably increase the results that you’ll get from the SAME workouts, and… you’ll enjoy faster recovery times. Highly recommended! Click here for more info.

Bodybuilding Exercises

Some exercises are better than others when it comes to building muscles. Great mass builders include squats, deadlifts, bench presses, dips, overhead presses, chin-ups, bent over barbell rows, T-bar rows, single-arm dumbbell rows, power cleans, and barbell curls. Triceps kickbacks and leg extensions are fine finishing exercises but to build muscle, you need to go heavy. In terms of sets and reps, stick to 6 to 12 reps for most of your workouts and do as many sets as it takes to fatigue your muscles. The heavier the weight you use, the fewer sets this will be.

Bodybuilding Recovery Tips

Rest is just as important for bodybuilding success as it’s the days between your workouts that your muscles grow. If you are serious about gaining muscle, make sure you have at least a couple of days a week where you do little or no physically demanding activity and also get plenty of quality sleep – at least eight hours per night. Also, consider cycling your workouts so you include periodic back-off workouts and easy weeks to further facilitate recovery. Avoid too much cardio as that too can sabotage muscle gains.

Bodybuilding Exercise Technique Tips

Don’t sacrifice good exercise form for more weight on the bar. Bad exercise form such as bouncing the bar off your chest when you bench press is not only a less effective way to work your muscles, it significantly increases your risk of suffering a potentially career-ending injury. Make sure you can feel the target muscles working in each and every exercise you do and maintain good exercise form throughout. If you aren’t sure how to do a particular exercise, ask a trainer at your gym or consult a website such as the Directory.

So, there you go; plenty of quality tips to ensure you get the best from your bodybuilding endeavors. No thanks are necessary; just remember to mention us in your Mr. Olympia acceptance speech!