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The Electronic Cigarette is a device that is powered by battery to produce inhaled doses of nicotine by way of a vaporized E-Liquid. It is powered by a rechargeable battery that powers a heating element (coil). The E-Liquid comes in contact with the coil, it is then heated up to 400 degrees as opposed to a traditional cigarette at 800 degrees. It then produces the clean vapour.

Essentially, the battery provides power to the switch, which when activated will heat a wired coil. When E-liquid is placed onto the wick material or wicking material and reaches the coil, the e-liquid is then heated to the right temperature in order to turn the e-liquid into vapor. As you draw from the electronic cigarette, vapor travels directly from the coil and into your mouth, where it is then to be inhaled and exhaled by the user.

Although it appears pretty simple to use a vaping device, it does require more action than the traditional tobacco cigarette and it is a small price to pay as it is far less harmful. Once you get to grips what it takes to use an E-cigarette it will all make sense and you will be able to customise your Vaping code.

  • If you are an Ex-smoker, your lungs are used to tobacco smoke, which is entirely different from vapor. With a traditional cigarette, you have to draw hard to pull smoke out of it, but with vaping, you draw more controlled and in a slower fashion. The harder you draw, the less performance you will get from your device and it will most likely burn out one or more of the components making up your E-cigarette. Also, there is liquid in the tank, if you draw to hard, you could pull that liquid into your mouth, this something you do not want.
  • There are two different types of inhales: one where you draw the vapor into your mouth, hold it there and then inhale the vapor. The other is where you pull the vapor directly to your lungs without holding it in your mouth. cbd vape pens for anxiety are really helpful in reducing the anxiety problems as reported by the customers who used it. The main advantage is you get to enjoy different flavors. The first is called a “mouth hit” while the other is called a “lung hit”. Decide which one is for you.

What do I need to start Vaping?

To get started with your Vaping code, you’ll need the following:

  • A clearomizer or type of atomizer (youtank or Kanger Aerotank)
  • E-liquid (s), the most popular blends are tobacco and menthol. However, the fruity flavours are approaching fast

It is abundantly clear that by Vaping instead of smoking traditionally, you save a lot of money. This is not the only way to save money. There is a plethora of discount codes, coupon codes, introductory offers that you can make use of. It’s worth taking the time to search.

Another way of bring your costs down is to buy in bulk. The more you purchase the more you save!

We all had to start somewhere and anything new requires a bit of time to learn and get in the swing of things. Things can get slightly confusing with a wide range of abbreviations that represent almost every part of component to vaping.