3 Ways To Overcome A Weight Loss Plateau

Weight loss plateau is every dieter’s Achilles heel. There’s nothing more demotivating and frustrating than working hard with all your might yet the stubborn 10 pounds you want to lose still won’t budge. Don’t fret, help is on the way. Here are some helpful tips to conquer weight loss plateau once and for all

Fight Off Weight Loss Plateau by Keeping a Diet Journal

An effective way of overcoming weight loss plateau is by keeping a diet journal. A snack here, a little nibble there–it is easy to lose track of the food you eat in a day. This is where a diet journal comes in handy. Your diet journal is there to help you keep track of the food you eat, and the calories you consume. Sometimes, all it takes is for you to see it in paper, to realize the things you have overlooked. Are you consuming more calories than you should? Are you eating well? Do you need to cut back on some food? After reviewing your entries, you can then make plans accordingly. Appetite Suppressant is found very helpful in these cases.

Consider your diet journal as a guide. In fact, you can even consider it as your map—map that will help you cross the weight loss plateau.

Overcome Weight Loss Plateau by Reducing Calorie Consumption and Taking Supplementation

Lowering your calorie intake is another technique that you can use to get past weight loss plateau. Experts, however, suggest that you should maintain at least a minimum of 1,200 calories in a day. Anything less than that can be potentially harmful to the body. In fact, even at a set 1,200 calorie count, there is still a possibility that a person may not be getting some of the essential vitamins and minerals. This is where vitamin supplementation enters the picture.

Supplements are your safety nets on occasions when the nutrient you get from your diet is not enough. Multivitamins or vitamin supplements can help you meet your dietary needs.

Vary Exercise Routine and Routine Intensity to Get Past Weight Loss Plateau

Burning calories is like burning coal. It needs constant prodding and fanning to speed up the burning process. When you perform the same routine over and over, your body enters a lax mode. It then starts resting on its laurels. Since the exercise is so repetitive, your body is not challenged anymore. In fact, your body does not even deem it necessary to burn more calories for fuel. This translates to a weight loss plateau for you.

By varying your routines and the intensity of your routines, you are constantly challenging your body. You are making your body work harder. In turn, your body burns calories to cope up. Increasing your workout intensity from low to high is effective in motivating your body to keep burning calories. On the other hand, by opting for a low intensity workout on some days, you are allowing your body to rest and recuperate.

Overcoming weight loss plateau is very challenging and should be treated as such—a challenge. Instead of being disheartened, keep a positive attitude! With the helpful tips mentioned above, you can confidently face the enemy head on. And even better, you’ll probably end up winning!


Overeating may lead to obesity but healthy eating cannot. Eating healthy and nutrient rich food when feeling hungry harms in the negligible amount but eating junk and unhealthy food makes you obese and leads to health problems. Also, people may require medical help for it.