What Are Soundcloud Plays? How Useful Are Podcasts And Online Music Platforms?

What is SoundCloud?

Soundcloud plays a platform open for the artists, creators and listeners. It is a music sharing and audio distribution platform. It provides you with a platform to upload, promote and share your audio content, and let the listener stream unlimited free music and audio. 

What is meant by podcast?

A podcast refers to music or audio file stored digitally that is available for streaming and downloading on electronic gadgets and desktop through the internet. These days listening to online music applications have become very popular. A Podcast has a division of music genre and helps you to listen to your favourite categorization. Podcast provide you with an entertaining platform full of creativity and art. Soundcloud plays are the music in your hands and ears. You can listen to it anywhere – while travelling, working out, virtual office work, doing house chores etc. 

The podcast always brings something new to you. If you stick to your phone music library, you will have to listen to the same songs on repeat, and this becomes boring after a while. Whereas sound cloud plays brings something new and fresh for you every time with shuffled endless music and songs. Podcast also provide audio content apart from music and songs. The audio content provided by podcasts communicates directly with the user making the information personally for you. Audio messages through podcast are easy to understand and consume. They will engage you in conversational audio content and take you to some other world. This helps to relax your mind and take a break from the real hectic world.

Benefits of music –

  • Music as a therapy – Music is believed to be the best therapy. Soundcloud plays lighten up the mood and helps to distract your mind from all the negativity and fuss. 
  • Workout – Music plays a vital role in workout and exercise. Listen to music boosts up the body and mind, and it works as an aid to working out. Yoga and meditation call for soothing and serene music, a vigorous workout, whereas it needs some strong beats to be played. 
  • Hidden message and feelings – Music dedication is also used to deliver our emotions and feelings through the lyrics. Many people are shy to convey their feelings to someone directly, so they take the help of music and audio content to portray and deliver their feelings.
  • Parties and celebrations – When it calls for celebration and get together, a party is never complete without dance and music as it makes a party lively. You could choose a party genre directly from the categories in the online music application, and it will automatically arrange the playlist for you so that you don’t have to leave the dancefloor every time in order to change the song. This automated selection is of great use in such a situation.

An online podcast is free and provides unlimited streaming for users without interruption.