Want to send a confidential message ?

Tele message provides the facility to reliably deliver alerts, notifications, and messages to the organization. The management of users and messages is made possible through an administrator interface. You can also send and receive messages through a web portal, outlook, and various APIs.

 So, this time, what our blog will be about, this blog will deal with giving answers to the questions we receive on the contact page. Talk about this experience with the satisfaction of this unique private note-sending interface. 

So, that was all the questions received in the short time the site existed. 

Main points of the service:

The system approves sending quick IP / SMS messages to the company’s employees with a tele massage application installed, opening faults, and managing events in pre-defined groups. All information is stored in the organization’s systems, and an incident debriefing can be conducted. The messages are sent from all types of manual and automatic interfaces that tele message provides.

Advantages of the service:

Fast sending. The exact status of who read the message and who didn’t. A high-reliability system that does not depend on the cellular network.

MS backup mechanism – if the IP message is not read according to the administrator’s time setting, an SMS message will be sent. Separate private and personal messages by assigning an app for work purposes only.

We are maintaining an archive of messages for incident debriefing and proactively sending employee photos or forms directly into the organization’s systems—quick implementation without the need for renewed learning.

Send anonymous SMS

App for sending anonymous messages to download for the first time, the site allows anyone to send SMS messages to any phone number in a fast and high-quality way. The use of the site is free, and our goal is to allow everyone to send as many messages as possible. Currently, as the site expands, there will be an increase in the number of messages. The messages are sent in real-time without any tracking. To use the system, select the type of message you want to send, enter the message details and click on the send button.

Phone receiving SMS

You can send confidential or visible SMS messages. You can choose your identity and send messages for free. A visible message is a message you send from your phone number and show your ID to the recipient. You can change or hide this number as needed.

What is a confidential message?

A confidential message is a message that will be presented to the recipient in the form of text. You can write whatever you want in the English language combined with numbers. The disadvantage of sending such a message is that it will not be possible to receive a reply from the recipient.

To send a confidential SMS message

The service is intended for personal use only, and the service should not be used commercially. You will be glad that you have chosen to use the site. If you have any requests or questions, you are welcome to contact us.