Exercises For Weight Loss

Often people try to lose weight by dieting alone which is completely wrong they need to Get More Info on the effective ways to lose fat and how they can go on with it. Many may temporarily lose some weight, however, if exercise is not included in your weight loss routine, then you simply end up lighter in weight with sagging skin and muscle that is not toned. Other people want to include an exercise routine in their weight loss, but simply do not know where to start. Since many people are having to tighten their belts and cannot afford to join a new gym, let me give you a couple of exercises that you can do without joining up. These exercises may even help you to lose weight without changing your diet.

The best exercise for weight loss is to walk on an inclined surface. It does not matter if the inclined surface is a treadmill or a hill. If you have the option for either that is great. Then on cold wet days or hot humid days, you can walk inside on the treadmill, and on those beautiful days when you cannot wait to get outside for fresh air you can walk on the hill. The incline should be anywhere from 15 to 20 degrees. Now, you may have laughed when I said walking, but try it for 25 minutes. You will get a better workout than spending 25 minutes on a stair stepper, a stationary bike, using an elliptical, or even jogging. If you include 100 minutes of inclined walking in your week you will begin to see your weight drop.

The second exercise for weight loss that I would like to recommend that you try is Hindu squats. You can do these in five minutes per day while in the comfort of your own homes. For Hindu squats, you need nothing other than the weight of your own body. You do squats all the way down and then up. For this exercise to be effective, you must do the squats as quickly as possible without taking significant time for rest. When beginning, you may need to take a few ten-second rests during the five minutes. If you keep the workup, before long you will be doing 100 repetitions or more during the non-stop five-minute exercise session.

This exercise will cause you to breathe hard. Hindu squats require a large amount of oxygen, more than your lungs can supply. This causes the body to seek oxygen and energy anywhere it can find it. That means that it will begin to break down those fat reserves and you will lose weight.

Sure, you can do other exercises. Some will require more equipment while others may require that you join a gym. If you can afford to buy the equipment to join the gym, feel free to do so. However, if you want to lose weight with minimal investment and be able to exercise in your own home or just down the street, then consider inclined walking and Hindu squats. Even if you already have an exercise routine, consider adding these two in order to lose weight.