2016 Billings, MT Blessing Stop

An Unscheduled Stop in Billings, Montana
By Richard Jehn, Journey Chronicler

On August 29th, Lummi Totem Journey 2016 made an unscheduled stop to visit the folks at the Northern Plains Resource Council (NPRC) in Billings, Montana. The magical added benefit was that the two sister totems were able to talk with each other for a good while. The 2016 totem pole also benefited from the blessings bestowed by the staff from the NPRC.

TPJ Billings Blog

And the staff also had one additional message to send as they mounted the truck bed so they could pose for a photo as they shouted, “We Stand with Standing Rock!” with fists raised.

TPJ Billings Blog 2

Two Totem Poles Meet . . .

A brief stop in Billings, Montana, brought together last year’s Totem Pole dedicated to supporting the Northern Cheyenne against the Otter Creek and Tongue River projects, and this year’s Totem Pole dedicated to First Nations communities in Winnipeg, Manitoba.