What Do Women Want When Dating?

Trying to work out what women want, what they really look for in the guys they’re dating can be a puzzle for many men. Most women make it difficult for guys to get a reliable answer to this on-going problem, often sending out mixed signals, or subtle hints, for them to somehow decipher.

Maybe I’m mistaken, but most women seem to enjoy keeping their guys guessing instead of coming right out front and actually telling them what she needs or wants. So, what do women want when they’re dating a man? What makes for the “perfect” boyfriend, if he really exists?

I’ve put together a short list of things I believe are qualities women look for in the men they’re dating. It’s only a start and I’m sure there’ll be plenty of additions and deletions as we mere males attempt to understand the way a woman thinks. If that’s ever possible! You can also get some ideas and tips on wellhello overview here on dudethrill.

What Do Women Want Or Hope For When Dating A Guy.

Although Womens’ Libbers would probably disagree, and the days of duelling to defend a woman’s honor are long gone, many women do expect their guys to offer them some kind of protection, for example, physically or morally, standing up for them if they’re challenged in a social setting.

The ability to make them laugh or, at least, cheer them up. I think it’s safe to say that women are more prone to mood swings than men and having the knack of being able to turn unpleasant, gloomy situations around and lighten the atmosphere is a definite bonus for any guy in a relationship.

Public affection. I don’t mean “full on” physical intimacy in public, but the kind of affection that shows others that you’re a couple in love. Holding hands, putting your arm around her, a loving hug or a peck on the cheek. The little signs of affection that when added up, mean so much.

Do you dance? Strange as it may seem, many women say they wish their boyfriends would dance with them more often. Think about it, when you were looking for a date, I’ll bet you saw girls dancing together. It’s a form of communication, togetherness. A woman doesn’t care how you dance, whether you’re John Travolta or Elmer Fudd, so long as you’re out on the dance-floor with her, that’s all that matters.

Now, don’t take this as absolute truth, but I’ve heard that dancing is a great way to get a woman primed to go to bed with you as well. When you show your moves on the floor, she’s more likely to welcome you into her bedroom. I’m sure there’ll be guys testing out this theory at length!

You should call more often. Call her for no reason. Call to say “I miss you.” Call and let her chat. Your picking up the phone lets her know that you think about her even when she isn’t around.

Telling her how you feel. Saying “I love you”. Women are often willing to say it earlier in a relationship than men. When guys love a woman, most of them express it with actions. Some bring women gifts, others are affectionate. But a woman needs to hear those “three little words”.

Watch a ‘chick flick’. You’ll be surprised how much your woman will appreciate it if you take the time to watch a romantic movie with them. It might be the last thing on earth you want to do, but believe me, it’s high on the list of what women want from a guy they’re dating. Call it emotional bonding or whatever, women really want men to be open and in touch with their feelings.

Guys, I hope you’ve picked up something useful from this short list of what women want from dating. I’m positive you can add to it. Maybe you’d like to dicuss some of the points that have been made and I welcome and look forward to comments…and, if any women would like to reply, that would be great!