What Are Some Of The Most Important Points For Acupuncture Weight Loss

Acupuncture gives great relief to those who are obese. How to lose weight in the current times is a lurking question. When one fails to attain weight loss results, he/she becomes depressed and stressed out. But, acupuncture weight loss works like a real magic. There is no need to starve oneself or indulge in exercises for an endless number of hours. Here the acupuncturist just applies pressure on the energy meridian points to expel heat, moisture from the body to improve the blood circulation. Besides helping you to attain weight loss results, it can also strengthen the digestive system while controlling the appetite. But, to get maximum results from this technique, one needs to find the exact body points that can help in weight loss. The acupuncturist applies pressure on certain points and even massages the portion to help release endorphins, the feel good hormone. Weight loss possibilities get improved when the apt amount of pressure is applied to the points. Get yourself the best fat burner to get in shape.

Abdomen points to give you strength and improve the digestive system

Abdomen pressure point is found just 3 centimeters below your belly button. An acupuncturist can use this point for benefiting the obese. This particular point can help in the enhancement of digestive system while giving your body the much needed strength. The point is extremely effective and can help you attain faster weight loss. When there is a stronger stimulation, the innate healing ability of the body is activated.

The abdominal sorrow point

The abdominal sorrow point is actually located in line with the lobe of the ear. At the end of the ribcage, one can find the abdominal sorrow. You usually find this under your last rib. It is very vital from the point of Acupuncture Weight Loss since it can cure ulcers, indigestion, appetite imbalance to bring about weight loss.

The ear point

This is the very valuable pressure point that controls appetite immensely. If you hire a reliable and highly experienced acupuncturist, he will make an efficient use of ear pressure point to bring about rapid weight loss. He will place hair thin needle against your jaws to stimulate weight loss.

Proper digestion and functioning of stomach with the knee point

The knee point is again the pressure point which helps in digestion and triggers weight loss. Found just 2 inches below knee cap, this pressure point assists in nourishing the blood. The acupuncturist uses hair thin needles on the points to help you notice changes in the body.

The ankles and the elbows

The large intestine point on the elbow crease is there to the end which simply stimulates the functioning of the intestine by eliminating excessive heat and also unwanted moisture from the body. Apart from this, the ankle point works best for the spleen. Found in the innermost region of the leg or just 2 inches above your ankles, it can better the functioning of digestive system.

By using the apt points, the acupuncturist releases energy through the vital organs. It may impact the functioning of spleen meridian and also the stomach. The flowing energy balances the digestive system and even improves its functioning.


A human body requires a lot of nutrients like carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, minerals, fats, roughage and water. All these should be included in their daily diet in appropriate amount because everything has its work and its requirement is not equal as the other. Try to take fats but in the least amount in comparison to others.