Ways To Pass A Drug Test

You Should Know Drug testing and beating saliva test for drugs are a fact of life – unfortunate for some, but obviously not for others (the testers). Whether it’s for employment, school, sports, or even to maintain a comfortable home life, the requirement for passing a drug test is forced upon certain people in order to comply and be able to advance to the next level. The ways to pass a drug test are still available, but the window, or gray area, between passing a drug test when you actually shouldn’t, and unavoidable failure is shrinking daily as technology continues to surpass deception.

You should be prepared to pass most forms of drug testing since you may not know which method you’ll be asked to use. That said, let’s explore some free tips to pass a drug test and one of the most common types of drug testing there is. Urine drug testing is exactly as it sounds – you pee into a container and then a number of tests are run to detect specific drug byproducts within the sample. Earlier treatments to the sample to make it pass were certain additives you could add to mask the sample. These included certain substances such as nitrates, soaps, and acids, or other commercially available products such as Golden Seal, Stealth, and Instant Clean. Depending on the sophistication of the lab that tests your sample, most or all of these additives can be detected as well. These are typically unnatural in a urine sample and can raise suspicion.

Realize This – Understanding how drug testing works is the first and MOST IMPORTANT step in passing… Another one of the ways to pass a drug test is simply by diluting a urine sample. This is done by either adding water directly to the sample itself (which, of course, has to be done in private) or attempting to drink copious amounts of water to dilute the urine before it passes out. Both of these have their downsides as well since you need both warm and chemical-free water (unavailable from a city water tap) for the external dilution, and internal dilution by drinking a lot of water can cause water intoxication, in extreme cases, or simply a sample that’s not yellow enough. This is a direct indicator that you’re purposely trying to find ways to pass a drug test, or the examiner can simply adjust the testing procedure to be more sensitive to a known diluted sample.

Finally, one of the most tricky ways to pass a drug test, but still a good bet is what’s called substitution. Again, just as it sounds, you use a “clean” sample acquired from elsewhere in place of your own potentially fouled sample. There are two ways to do this either naturally or synthetically. A human sample should be screened just to make sure it’s also clean by using any methods available from HERE. It also should be used as soon as possible as it will degrade rather quickly and break down into other chemicals that when detected, will also indicate tampering. Fake urine is sold in kits that are designed to mimic the look, feel, temperature, sex, smell, and most importantly, the ingredients of the real thing. It is reported to be one of the most effective ways to pass a drug test.