Want To Eat Something Healthy And Tasty? Try Out Vegetarian Leek And Potato Soup!

People are generally looking out for some alternatives to heavy metals. It is not possible to eat the same boring meal every single day. So yes, there is a need to have some great recipes to have light and healthy meals that are delicious too. 

People love soups, and there are so many types of them. There are so many alternatives of soups in the market as they are available in powdered form. But the thing is they are not as healthy as we make ones at home. They can be an alternative but not a healthy and daily choice. Such guys! Go on and check out the recipe for vegetarian leek and potato soup down below!


  1. Take a soup pot and wash it properly so that there is nothing on it. After that, put it on the gas and let the water vanish. There is a need to let the water evaporate because if there is water in the pot and we put oil in it, it can get dangerous. So let the water evaporate and add some vegetable oil.
  2. Add pieces of garlic and ginger to the oil. Then it is time to lightly sauté them. If someone is looking for a non-oil recipe, they can dry roast these things and then add anything else. Many people avoid adding oil to their food, but with the help of a little bit of vegetable oil, the soup will turn out to be good and smooth.
  3. Then it is time to add the main ingredients of the recipe, and they are leek, potato, and pepper. We have to chop leek and potato before adding them to the pot. If we chop them properly, it is possible to cook them and get the flavors in a more escalated way. Mix well these ingredients after adding them. 
  4. After that, add some water if there is a need to put some. This will improve the consistency of the soup.
  5. Open the lid of the pot and check if the potatoes are in the right state. To check that, take a knife and try to break it. If the knife goes through it easily, then it means it is ready to eat. 
  6. Switch off the heat, and now it is time to blend it out. People can use a hand blender, and they can also use a grinder. But it is better to use a hand blender as it will give it a nice and equal blend. Make sure there are no lumps, and the consistency is smooth. 
  7. To garnish the soup, people like to add some chili flakes. It will give it a spicy flavor, and that will also look good. Some people like to add some parsley or coriander while garnishing. It is all about garnishing and how it compliments the meal. So it depends totally on you.

Your meal is ready to serve, and if someone likes to have some bread with the soup, it is a great choice. Having something to eat at night is something we need, but we can’t make something new every day. So with the help of new and different types of soups, it will be something good to eat and something differently healthy.

Finally, there are few tips that people must know about making the soup, and it is mainly about leek. As It is a bit tricky to chop, it would help if you cut the top and bottom first and then cut the body lengthways. This is a great recipe that one can make from scratch, and it is one of the best that people call healthy.