Usage of 12 types of High-CBD Strains for Anxiety

Cannabis is a remedy for some people who live with anxiety. But not all the cannabis use to be created identical. A few strains actually can cause or worsen anxiety.

The strategy is to select a strain with a high CBD-THC ratio.

CBD (Cannabidiol) and THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) happen to be the foremost active complexes in cannabis. Both use to be similar in structure, but there is a big difference.

Keep in mind that strains are not an exact science. The effects are not always consistent, even between products of the similar CBD Flower Strain.

  1. Remedy

Remedy happens to be a 14 percent CBD strain that use to produce a little to no psychoactive influences. It has a lemon and pine scent. Maximum users suggest it for its capability of smoothing it out without the intense head and body effects of high THC strains.

  1. ACDC

This use to be another 14 percent CBD Flower Strain favoured by people searching to relieve anxiety, stress, and pain without feeling high. It does not contain any relevant amount of THC. The two most widespread words used to define its effects happen to be “happy” and “relaxed” and according to online reviews.

  1. Lifter

It is a new one in the game of cannabis. It happens to average about 16 percent of CBD with  vno THC almost. Its aroma happens to be defined as “jazzy cheese with a clue of fuel” (weird flex, but okay). Its super relaxing effects will not affect your focus or function.

4 Charlotte’s web

This is one of the best known high CBD strains. It covers almost 13 percent CBD with small to zero THC. It is used in various wellness and health products to assist relieve pain, anxiety, and depression with zero psychoactive effects.

  1. Cherry wine

If you use to like the smell of cheese and wine, Cherry Wine is your variety. It averages almost 17 percent of CBD with below 1 percent THC.

  1. Ringo’s gift

This strain of CBD use to have CBD to THC ratio of 13: 1 an average, but strains up to 20: 1 can be found. Ringo’s Gift happens to be a cross of two high note CBD strains: Harle-Tsu and ACDC, which use to be actually next on our list. Users report a great improvement in anxiety and stress levels post using this CBD Flower Strain. Better-quality sleep use to be another effect users talk about.

  1. Harle-Tsu

This prized strain averages 13 percent CBD around, but frequently tastes much more. It happened to be named the best CBD flower in the year of 2014 Emerald Cup. Laboratory tests found that it contained 21.05 percent CBD and 0.86 percent THC.

  1. Sour tsunami

This used to be one of the high CBD strains first ever to be bred and being a fan favourite. It has an average CBD: THC ratio of 13: 1 or a lower THC even. Users use to report feeling peaceful and happy with no that “heavy body” .

  1. Elektra

Elektra averages around 16 percent CBD with below 1 percent THC. A few user reviews state it happened to be tested as high as almost 20 percent CBD.

Its pungent aroma and smoke get mixed reviews, but people love it for its relaxing high that doesn’t completely wipe you out.

  1. Sour Space Candy

This strain of CBD with high-note has a few bitter notes at the time it comes to scent, but it receives accessories from people who happens to use it to ease symptoms of depression and anxiety.

  1. Suzy Q

It is not as rich in CBD as some rest of the strains. It is approximately 11 percent CBD with little to no THC. It is considered a good option to help relax an anxious mind and tense muscles without lifting or knocking you out.

12 Critical mass

This strain use to contain additional THC than the others are listed, making this a good choice if you’re still searching for a light buzz. It can contain between 4 and 7 percent THC and 8 to 10 percent CBD.

Based on user reviews, people who generally don’t do well with THC find that this strain relaxes and calms down without causing environmentalism.