Trouble No More In Getting The Right Size When Buying Online 

Do y’all settle with ill-fitting shoes and clothes when you shop online? Well, if so, here are some tips by experts to assist you in getting along with the right size.

One of the biggest concerns for shoppers whilst doing shopping online is the right size. Although the chart of size is universal, and every brand’s production differs, that makes it a little difficult to shop for clothes online and footwear. Thus one would need some tips, which are as follows:

Don’t forget to check on that size chart

Amongst the most important aspects of purchasing footwear online is deciding the size. Thus, it’s imperative to measure the foot and then follow the guide of size for each online purchase. Generally, there are five kinds of measurements one usually gets to see online, i.e., size in cm, US number, UK number, EU number, and of course, sizes in inches.


 It’s of utmost significance to take your correct measurement, whether it’s of your entire body or just feet, before shopping online. This way you’ll ensure that you only get the right size of clothing and the shoe.

Size varies with various footwear: 

It’s essential to measure the feet whilst wearing socks that’ll increase one’s size by about 1/2 an inch. Similarly, when you’re trying out winter boots, ensure you’ve thick socks, you’d probably put with boots through winters. These socks could make a huge difference in size.

Choose the safer brands: 

With time, individuals become loyal and faithful to some brands and heavily rely on ’em for quality and comfort. Experimenting with distinct styles and brands is a nice idea. However, it’s better to get the feel and look of the latest brand via regular shopping. Whilst shopping online, stick to your pre-owned brands.

Inconsistent sizing in the same brand: 

Well, most brands, particularly Indian brands, don’ have regular sizing based on the standard body sizes. One may fit into the S size of a style of brand and M size of other styles of that same brand. This goes on to become trickier online as you’ll need to indulge in the procedure of return and exchange.

Conflicting sizes between a chart and the actual item: 

The size chart published for each garment online isn’t uniform with “actual” item size. In simple words, several items have an inaccurate size chart as no specific diligence is performed at SKU (Merchandise) level whilst uploading about lakhs of merchandise in the stores. They’re generally regular charts for brands and since there’re 1000s of SKUs (product) for the given brand, one ends up seeing changes in fits and sizes beyond SKUs for that same brand.

Well, there you have it. 

Hopefully, this guide will assist you all to get your hands on the right sizes of whatever merchandise you opt for when shopping online. The only thing you need to do when shopping online is just keeping your eyes open and follow the tips mentioned above. To know further, you may look over the web and gather more info on bandage midi dress