Top 10 Credit Cards – List Of The Top 10 Credit Cards

If you were asked what the top 10 credit cards in the United States were what would your answer be? No doubt not everyone’s list would be the same when considering US credit cards. It all depends upon which credit cards you have experience with personally. Some people love Visa and are long-time customers while others are MasterCard fans. Yet others may choose such names as American Express, Capital One or Discover. It also depends upon what different credit cards have to offer their consumers.

Let us take a look at a sampling of the cards that make the top of the list for their own special reasons. Rest assured that amid the ocean of credit card options there is one that may not have your name on it right now but it soon will!

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If it is a student card that you are looking for then Citi mtvU Platinum Select Visa Card for College Students can go to the head of the class! Students who do well in their studies are rewarded by this card. For example, you receive 2,000 bonus reward points two times throughout the year if you have a 4.0 GPA. If you pay your bill on time every month and do not exceed your credit limit then you receive 25 bonus points. As if that was not enough, you receive five points for every dollar that goes toward the purchase of a textbook.

If it is a rewards program that you are seeking then there is tie between the American Express Membership Rewards and the Citibank Thank You Network. The American Express program is the oldest of its kind. It makes it possible for you to transfers any points you have into the frequent-flier mile program that the company offers for airlines. On the other side of the coin, if you look to Citibank’s Thank You Network, it offers new and interesting ways for customers to earn points and to redeem points. The American Express rewards program offers more but it also charges yearly fees while Citibank offers most of its credit cards for no fee whatsoever. Your choice depends on which card caters to your greatest needs.

If you are looking for cash or gas rebates then you won’t find a better card than the American Express Blue Cash card. This card offers its customers five percent cash back when making purchases at grocery stores, pharmacies and gas stations. It also offers a 1.5 percent rebate on everything beyond what is listed here once you have charged $6,500 or more in a given year.

If the top 10 credit cards are what you are looking then use the cards we have listed here as a starting off point. Once you do that then you can go online and expand your search even more!