Three Phrases of Healthy Weight Loss

You did not gain your excess weight overnight and you will not lose weight overnight either. Truly we have a built-in set point, similar to a thermostat that tries to keep your weight constant. Regardless of your age, you can lose weight.

If you overeat at a party, your weight may go up a little but soon will return back to its normal weight. But, slowly over the years of eating the wrong foods (junk foods, high glycemic index foods, foods with too many saturated fats like meat) increases your set point and your weight goes up.

So it will take time (but not as long as for your weight gain) to lower your set point to the desired value. Note – for those in a hurry – if you reduce your caloric intake too low (below 1500 to 1200 depending on your current weight and activity level) your body will shift into starvation mode and slow down your metabolism and stop your weight loss. In fact the slower your metabolic rate the more you will increase in weight – hence the yo-yo syndrome. Professionally I have seen many people do all the right things as far as eating the right foods and exercising regularly and they do not lose weight. They may even gain weight. This is primarily because they do not eat enough.

The phases of a good weight management program:

* Phase One – Rapid Weight Loss

In a good weight reduction program using both food control and exercise, at first, your weight may go down rapidly as you lose water weight and eat more fiber and clean your colon of toxic waste build-up in your body. So a natural nutritional vitamin supplement that will cleanse your colon and your entire digestive system is a good start. I recommend that you go through these Biofit reviews and choose the best supplement on your own.

* Phase Two – Some Weight Gain

As you increase physical activity your weight may go up slightly as you replace fat with muscle. Don’t be discouraged. Muscle weighs more than fat. Do not weigh yourself the first few weeks and look in the mirror and notice how much better you look. Eating properly and exercising regularly you will lose weight in the long run and keep it off. But as your fat is converted to muscle your weight may increase from day to day. This is natural. As you continue your weight management program you will lose weight as muscle burns fat and calories.

* Phase Three – Healthy Weight Loss and Plateau Phase

For many people, the last few pounds are very challenging as they try to reduce weight so much that their body fat percentage would go down from very good to extremely good (from 13% to 12% or less). This is a challenge. But you can overcome if you stick to your program and truly pay attention to eating fresh fruit and raw vegetables, whole grains, nuts, and beans while limiting your meat, poultry, and fish to less than 10% of your daily calories. Avoid sugar and salt, you get them naturally, no need to add them if you are eating the right foods. Drink plenty of water. There is a plateau. Once you reach it continue to eat right and exercise to maintain your healthy weight loss and live your healthy lifestyle.