The return of Ragnarok Online to Philippines

In Taiwan, Thailand and Indonesia, Ragnarok Online enjoyed a revival through its revival. Close to 10 million people have played the game in the Philippines since it was released in 2003. The game introduced Filipinos to the world of adventure gaming and competition. Lifelong friendships were also established. The return is driven by nostalgia, and it’s right.

Kamphee ‘Ken’ Piromward, Managing Director of Electronics Extreme, has now shared the plans for the game with the upcoming Ragnarok Onlin Philippines. Ragnarok Online was relaunched last year in Thailand, according to Piromward, and has enjoyed critical and commercial success. 93,000 Peak Concurrent users with five servers are currently enjoying it. Electronics Severe ensured that problems were dealt with. Bots were one of the key reasons why players stopped enjoying the match.

For Ragnarok Online, Electronics Extreme and ELITE have excellent plans. The game will be more community-focused, Piromward promises. Electronics Extreme and Elite began inviting active Ragnarok Online Guild Leaders to a Q&A session to demonstrate this dedication.

He announced that the Philippines will have Custom Events and a range of Ragnarok Online Main Items that were previously purchased via in-game transactions will now be discovered in-game. Initially, players can experience 2-1 character classes, enhanced spawn points for monsters, the Guild War feature, and so much more! romward stresses that Free2Win will be the game and the only paying elements of the game will be from its Item Mall and will give the money spenders only a slight advantage.

ELITE, the Philippine publishing partner of Extreme, will ensure that the game and its group activities are ideal for providing Filipino players with the best gaming experience. In mid-June, the Ragnarok Online Closed Beta Testing will begin and you can start registering for it now.

It has also been confirmed that Ragnarok will be free to play and can be joined by everyone in the world as there will be no IP limitations. Top-up cards will be making a comeback as well! These would be available for purchase in convenience stores around the nation and will also be available to be bought via the Ragnarok website. The main characteristics they have shared with us include Free-for-winning. You can drop all key-items in the game, initially, players can experience 2-1 character classes, back to their original spawn points, all monsters. Also, there will be a ‘Renewal Feature’ that ignores Player and Monster level differences. In the first 3 weeks, the Guild War feature will be released.

Ragnarok’s future plans include customised activities for the Philippines and the return of the Ragnarok World Championships! With the rise of eSports and the Philippines’ gaming industry, seeing the RWC up and running again will certainly encourage and stimulate that development even further.

The iconic comeback of the game seems to be an effort by previous generations who enjoyed the game in the past to evoke nostalgia, while also tempting new players to try the franchise.

The sprite-based game spawned several spin-offs internationally at the height of its success in the early 2000s and influenced a huge cult over the years. The game also paved the way for the 2005 anime series “Ragnarok the Animation”.

Overall, the announcement of the return of the iconic game has attracted lots of players not only in the Philippines but also in other parts of the world. As a matter of fact, the return of Ragnarok makes it possible for the game’s developer to showcase that they keep on innovating and updating the game in order to satisfy and serve their players better. So what are you waiting for? Go now and get ragnarok online Philippines download.