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Danby DBC026A1BSSDB Beverage Center

If you’re prepared to give up a little room and capacity, you can obtain a cheap beverage cooler without sacrificing the temperature control that more expensive options provide. Budget beer and drink fridges provide ample storage for a party’s worth of beverage cans at a fraction of the price of their higher-end equivalents. The Danby Beverage Center is a compact beverage refrigerator with 2.6 cubic feet of space and storage for 95 beverage cans. Despite its small size, the fridge is powerful enough to cool the inside to a temperature between 42.8 and 57.2 degrees Fahrenheit while fitting into tighter interior areas. The temperature range is controlled by a manual thermostat, which allows you to choose the exact temperature you desire at any moment.

NewAir NBC126SS02 Beverage Refrigerator and Cooler

Best Beverage Coolers might mean the difference between a correct temperature and taste and having to make do with what you have. Whether you buy a specialized beverage fridge or a tiny fridge, the most important thing is that it maintains a consistent, cool temperature that preserves your beverage of choice at the perfect temperature. The NewAir Can Cooler is a multifunctional drink chiller that preserves beers, sodas, and wines at 34°F. Five adjustable chrome slide-out racks allow you to customize the inside space. The 3.4 cubic feet can hold 126 cans of beer/soda or around 23 bottles of wine. With seven health risk factors, it’s simple to find the ideal temperature for the greatest results.

RCA 3.2 Cu. Ft. Mini Fridge

Carrying your brew into the garage is an easy way to quickly get it up in the microwave. A separate garage fridge is the way to go if you want to maintain your drink cool without clogging up the kitchen fridge. With a tiny, portable fridge that you can charge with an extension wire, you can move it about while working in the garage or just relaxing after a long day. The interior of the Igloo Red Garage Fridge is 3.2 cubic feet, with movable, multipurpose shelves and storage choices for beer containers and other stuff. When you need a fresh cold can, a specialized can dispenser automatically puts one into an easy-to-reach location. Best of all, the entire fridge is mounted on four caster wheels, allowing you to move it about the garage while working with an extension cord.

Danby Compact Refrigerator

What could be better than having your own room for the weekend? How about a nice drink to accompany your time of relaxation? Any dedicated beer fridge will be tiny enough to fit in tight locations to retain a healthy supply of refreshments in your cave. A generic micro with some room for only several cans and bottles may be a wiser purchase if you want to keep munchies and other – anti refreshments chilled. While the Danby Compact Fridge doesn’t have the most space for beer cans and bottles, it does have enough space for the numerous beverages and snacks you’ll find in a genuine man cave.