The Basics About Water Fasting

There are lots of diets that you can try that can provide you with the weight loss that you are looking for. Some work well as short term plans. These can be a good way to kick-start a diet. One such diet that could suit you is water fasting.

Water fasting can be something that you do over a 48 hour period, a few days, a week or even 30 days. There are lots of books that explain the benefits of fasting for a particular length of time. The most important factor is that you if you choose a programme, you stick to the guidelines provided.

What is Water Fasting?

Water fasting is when you drink only water for a specific amount of time. People choose to do this for religious and spiritual reasons as well as health and weight loss reasons. Weight loss pills are made from natural ingredients and mostly are safe to consume but it should be noted that they are being consumed in a defined quantity only. You can lose a lot of weight during this type of fasting because you are not using any energy to digest food. Energy is used to carry out your daily activities and if you are not adding extra calories through food, you end up dropping weight from the fat that your body is currently holding on to.

What Are The Benefits of Water Fasting?

From a weight loss point of view, the obvious benefit is the fact that you will lose pounds quite quickly and within a short space of time. The first thing that you will lose is excess water weight. Then body fat will start to burn off, which is fantastic.

Drinking lots of water also helps the body to flush out toxins which can leave the body instead of getting intertwined with the junk that can come from processed foods. This is a natural detoxification process.

What Are The Dangers of Water Fasting?

If you drink too much water within a short space of time, you could cause the body terrible damage. There is a medical term called Hyponatremia, water intoxication. This is similar to the effects of alcohol poisoning, where the body can not process the amount of liquid fast enough. This effect can lead to brain damage and even death.

When you eat less food, your metabolism will slow down so that it can make the best use of the energy that is has available to process. This isn’t a problem while you are fasting but it can be difficult to transition back to normal eating because once you start eating regular food, you might notice that the weight jumps right back on and you weigh the same or even more than you did prior to your water fast.

You can stop this from happening by monitoring your food intake and making sure that you introduce solids in a moderate and measured way.

Water fasting can be a great way to kick-start the beginning of a healthy eating plan. It is not the easiest thing to do but a one or two day fast could be a great detox.