Taken To Court For Credit Card Debt

Do you know how to Answer Your Credit Card Summons? If You have been served a summons/complaint for unpaid credit card debt watch what other articles or people are telling you! I have read quite a few and some are saying to call the collection agency, bank, or whoever is suing you. If it is not, and even if it is the original creditor, you may want to think twice before you do so!

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If you are being sued by a Collection Agency who bought your debt and you call to settle chances are they won’t do it, still sue you, and have taken note the day and time you called to tell the judge you have admitted all your debt owed to them simply by picking up that phone and talking to them. Some people out there are just writing words and telling you to do things to fill up their page when they have no idea what they are talking about.

Let’s say you haven’t made a payment on your credit card for about 6 months. You then receive a Summons and Complaint from Bank of America we will use for example. Now you know for sure you have a Bank of America Credit Card and you have not made payments for a while. Check your Complaint left side it will list PLAINTIFF does it say Bank of America as the Plaintiff? YES? Good enough. Now check and see the name of the Law Firm they hired to sue you. Go do your homework and see if they are legit and not some Collection Agency using Bank of America’s name to sue you without permission. I have had that happen LVNV’s Attorney used the Bank as the Plaintiff and that was dismissed for failure to name the real party in interest.. so yes, I do know what I am talking about. If after you check out the Law Firm supposedly hired by BOA to sue you and that all checks out that the Law Firm is legit and they work for Bank of America call BOA first and ask if they are suing you. If you get an affirmative and want to settle then contact the Law Firm suing you to do so. Always do your homework before assuming everything is legitimate.

Collection Agencies who buy old debt love to list the Bank as the Plaintiff when in fact they really aren’t the Plaintiff. They like to act like they are representing the Bank and they are not. Some actually are legit most are not. If it is an old debt do your homework 10x harder.