Stress Is One Of The Most Common Yet Underrated Cause Of Weight Gain

Will you believe that Stress is among the various other main reasons which are responsible for weight gain or obesity? It is 100% true that stress is the main reason for weight gain and if one wants to burn his/her fats or wants to get a slim and perfect physique then he/she should try to reduce the stress levels.

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The life of the person has become very stressful and busy due to the hectic schedules and over loads of work. Whether the person is a student of a school, college, is an employee or is a house-wife, the schedules of everyone have become very hectic. This hectic schedule gives birth to increased levels of anxiety, tensions, emotional instabilities as well as the stress.

We have to face so many new and difficult circumstances and situations in our daily life and we all know it very well that there is a certain limit beyond which it becomes impossible to deal with the stress. There is a biological reason behind it, according to which there are only two adrenal glands present in our body which help us in dealing and fighting with such situations. These glands not only help us in dealing with these difficult situations but are also helpful in stabilizing the levels of stress and anxiety.

When we are under stress, whether there is a major cause or a minor cause of this stress, the adrenal glands start releasing the Adrenaline and Cortisol chemicals which help us in fighting with the situations. The Adrenaline gland starts providing enough energy to our body so that the body may become able to fight with the situation in an easier and much significant way. The Cortisol whereas increases the insulin levels in our body. The increased level of Insulin slows down the burning process of body fats. This also leads to an increase in blood sugar levels. Every time, we are under stress, adrenaline and Cortisol release energy, increase insulin level, slow down the burning of fats and lead to an increase or decrease in blood sugar. When we are out of the stressful situations, these fighting glands start behaving properly.

Being under stress at rare situations, is normal and inevitable. But this problem becomes severe when the stressful situation is prolonged and the person has to deal with such situations for a long period because in such case, the person becomes the patient of chronic stress and in case of chronic stress, the body forces the Adrenaline and Cortisol glands to continuously release the enough energy and insulin. In this case, the adrenaline gland keeps on releasing the enough energy continuously . This becomes impossible for the body to utilize the gradually increasing amount of energy. This ultimately leads to an increase in weight.

The Cortisol whereas, in case of patient of chronic stress, starts increasing the insulin levels continuously. The continuous increase in level of insulin in body, leads to slowing down of burning of fats in body and force the body to store more fats. It can also result in slowing down of metabolic process as well as Hypoglycemia (low level of blood sugar).

Adrenal glands and the Pancreas are the only organs which help us in maintaining the blood sugar levels. Moreover, if the Adrenal gland is forced to work so long and for so many hours then this will give rise to a very sever problem and the gland will become unable to produce proper amount of required Adrenaline.

There are a few other ways in which the stress is linked to the weight gain of the body like avoiding exercise due to stress, unhealthy eating habits which arise due to stress etc.

Therefore, it means that if the person wants to lose his/her weight, then it is a must for him/her to reduce the stress level so that he may live long and may live a happy and healthy life with the loved ones.