Steps You Need To Follow If You Want To Start Your Company In Singapore

Are you thinking of starting your own company in Singapore? It can be the best decision of your life and registering the firm there is easy as you do not have to spend much time. You can check pilotosia, where you can find all the information related to that.

If you want to register the company, then you need to follow a few steps that will help in getting your firm register, and those are as follow-

Step #1 Approved the Name of the company

The first thing you need to do is register your company in Singapore to get it approved by the ACRA. You can follow the procedure online; it is not a big thing to do, all you need to do is follow some guidelines such as-

  • The Name that you have decided should not be identical to any other business organization which is already existing there.
  • There should not be any offensive or vulgar language that can offend anyone.
  • There should not be any company that has the reserve the Name that you have chosen.

Once you have done that, your company will get approved online within no time, and once it is approved, you can reserve the name of your company within 120 days.

Step #2 Prepare the documents (necessary)

Once the company’s Name gets approved, the next thing that you need to do is prepare all the necessary documents. The documents that you may require are mentioned below-

  • Constitution of the company- Previously, this document was known as the Article of Association; it can be used as the standard constitution of Singapore.
  • The next thing that you need is the Shareholders’ identification and the details of the residential address.
  • Each director of your company needs to sign the signed consent in which they will sign the content to act as Director.
  • The company secretary needs to sign the Consent in which they have to Act as the Company secretary.

If you are registering yourself for the CSP, you also have to provide some of the supporting documents needed as part of your KYC. Those additional documents that you need are as follow-

For Individual Shareholders- 

  • Identification Proof such as a copy of your Passport
  • Address Proof- It can be any document that will have the Name and address, and these can be the tax notices, utility bills, and contractual agreements.
  • You also have submitted and given them your professional Background, and for that, you can use a CV or LinkedIn profile if you have any.

For Corporate Shareholder

  • Certificate of Incorporation of the Parent company
  • Article of Association and Memorandum
  • Extract the company, which will contain important information such as Name of company, address, registration number of business, and other pertinent information, including the shareholder, director, etc.
  • Proof of the Parent company you can show the recent invoices, financial statements, etc.

Step #3 Register

The last step you need to do is register your company with Singapore Company Registrar. The rest of the process will be done in just an hour online.