Silicone Baby Bibs: Where To Get The Best Ones 

Out of all the components of the baby growth kit, a bib is one of the few items which you absolutely can’t do without. Bibs have evolved from simple protectors during mealtimes to specifically manufactured bibs for various purposes. 

Your parents may have used the standard mealtime bib to keep the mashed potatoes and other solid foods off your clothes, but nowadays, people use them for other uses too. For example, babies from 6 months onwards use bibs to reduce spillages of milk, foods or drooling. Throughout infancy and into their toddler years, babies will use several bibs in a day, and you will even find yourself running out of them!

Bibs come in various shapes and sizes for use to keep off food, drool, or while teething. In addition, the material they are made out of can determine the function of the bib. We have detailed all you need to know about bibs, including what they are made of, what purposes they serve, and which bibs are best for what. 

What are bibs made of?

Depending on the use of the bib, they can be made from a variety of materials. Typically, bibs are made of 2 main materials:

  • Cotton and other absorbent materials
  • Silicone and other synthetic materials

What is a cotton bib used for?

Cotton bibs and bibs made out of other absorbent materials typically function as liquid absorbents. So, if your baby tends to drool, or is teething, or maybe even burping up milk, you will require a cotton bib to absorb the liquid off of them. 

What is a silicone bib used for?

Cute Silicone baby bibs and bibs made out of other synthetic materials primarily serve as food bibs. As they are non-absorbent, it is easier to wipe stains and solid food materials off the bib after the baby is done eating. 

Are there other types of bibs?

Yes, there are. Some of these bibs are:

  • Dribbler bibs

These are used mainly while the baby is nursing. As the name suggests, they will collect the stains or dribbles a baby makes while feeding on a bottle. Dribbler bibs are also comfortable enough for the baby to wear around the house. 

  • Smock bibs 

Usually called the ‘long-sleeved bib’, they are made like a short. During mealtimes, wearing this bib can enable you to protect the baby’s clothes from a food mess. Of course, you can put this on the baby if you’re going out to a restaurant as well, as they come in cute shades and designs. 

  • Disposable bibs 

These come in handy if you happen to run out of bibs when out. They may not be ideal, but they can serve as a replacement in case you need it. They can be thrown away after use.  

What are the best kinds of bibs?

The best kind of bibs depends on how old your baby is. Even a regular cotton bib will work for babies below six months as they are only nursing and haven’t started eating solids or food yet. When they reach the 6-month mark, you can start looking into feeding bibs made from silicone to wipe the stains off. As the baby grows older, you can use a combination of bibs like dribblers, smocks, and disposables as per requirement. 

Where can you find silicone baby bibs?

If your baby has hit the feeding solids mark, then you’ll need to look into silicone baby bibs.. They have a great collection of silicone bibs that are of great quality, and inexpensive too.