Samsonite Radius Laptop Backpack

Laptop bags are used to protect and carry our laptops anywhere we want to go. Laptop bags are often classified into three: laptop backpacks, laptop sling bags, and laptop tote bags. Among these three, the most popular choice is cute laptop bags. It is a lot easier to carry around a laptop when it is placed in a backpack because the weight of the laptop is well distributed among your two shoulders and back. Considerations in purchasing a laptop backpack would often include its weight, size, capacity, and comfort. You should also consider the functionality of the bag, available colors and designs, and the material where the backpack was made of. Well-favored laptop backpack brands in the market include Sierra, Jansport, and Samsonite.

Samsonite bags are made by the Samsonite Corporation. This brand is popular for its products ranging from simple luggage bag, briefcases to laptop backpacks. Their popular laptop backpack currently available in the market is called Samsonite Radius Laptop Backpack. It is a stylish, comfortable, and durable laptop backpack. To review this product, we are going to compare what should an ideal laptop backpack possess compared to the Samsonite Radius Laptop back.

Size, Weight, and Capacity

Ideally, a laptop backpack should always be light and easy to carry around. The size of the backpack should accommodate the laptop size plus the size of the laptop accessories that goes with it. It does not need to be very big but big enough to carry other necessary things of the owner. The bag should have a compartment made to fit the laptop snugly so as to avoid the necessary movements the bag may experience when it is transferred.

In regards with the product, the Samsonite Radius laptop backpack is designed to fit laptops having such measurement 13”x11.5”x2” which is arranged in width x height x diameter. The size of the whole bag is 18”x14”x8. This backpack is usually the choice of those people having a laptop that have screens that measure up to 16 inches.


You should look for laptop backpacks having a wide backpack strap in order to cushion the pressure you are going to experience while carrying laptops around. In regards to the product, Samsonite Radius laptop backpack offers padding on the back and shoulder straps with Cool-Flow which allows air circulation to deliver its owner maximum comfort. The seams of the bag were double stitched in order to ensure its durability.


Laptop backpacks should be very functional. It should have different compartments in order not to only store the laptop and laptop accessories but also other necessary things such as work documents, audio players, pens, keys, and the likes.

In regards with the product, the Samsonite Radius laptop backpack offers a reasonably sized pocket to store your mp3s. This pocket also offers a headphone gate where you can access your headphones anytime you want to listen to your favorite song. The front pocket of the bag is used to store your keys ad cell phones.


Laptop backpacks should be stylish and should reflect the personality and lifestyle of its owner. Samsonite Radius bag offers a wide selection of colors for this bag. It is up to the consumer to choose what color suits him best. The bag comes in these 5different colors: Pumpkin, Pagoda blue, Rose wine, Navy Blue, and Black.

This is one of the many laptop backpacks that are stylish, durable, and most of all affordable.