Natural Anxiety Cures For Those With Food Intolerances

We’ve touched on the subject of food intolerance being a possible cause of anxiety once or twice before on, but never really gone into depth about it. If you’ve got a food intolerance and have experienced anxiety, depression or any other mental symptoms because of it we’d love to hear from you.

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When your body is unable to absorb or digest a certain part of your food it can cause all kinds of problems. For some people they will experience stomach and intestinal cramps, upset stomach, nausea and bloating. These people often also complain of fatigue, a lack of energy, depression and even anxiety due to that chronic, unbalanced feeling. They will often seek out natural anxiety cures, never thinking that removing one particular food group or food type could be the answer. Cutting out certain foods can elicit a huge improvement in some people’s health and as the years pass it seems that more and more people are developing these conditions. As yet scientists are unsure why, but there is a strong genetic link.

Food intolerances are very hard to diagnose as a blood test can indicate a problem, but not in black and white terms as food allergies are shown. As a result a lot of doctors find it hard to give food intolerance as a diagnosis and tend to prefer to steer clear of it. All we urge you to do is be aware of your body and trust your instincts. If you think a certain food is causing you either mental or physical problems then there’s no hard in cutting it out of your diet for one or two weeks so that you can tell your doctor if it made a difference. Don’t cut two foods out of your diet at one time, because if you start to feel better you will have no idea which one to cut out forever, and which one to reintroduce.

Perhaps one of the most useful natural anxiety cures for people with food intolerances is something which essentially counteracts the negative symptoms they get when they accidentally eat the food they’re intolerant to. This could be a probiotic pill to aid digestion (freeze dried acidophilus for example), simply drinking lots of water, staying at home and getting plenty of sleep. On the other hand they may want to keep natural aniety cures nearby for quick fixes for the condition – such as a relaxation or meditation CD, yoga kits, essential oils and someone to give them a massage.

It’s well worth investing in natural anxiety cures even if you know which food you are intolerant to. A lot of us who cannot eat a certain food will have experienced going for a meal out which you assume is okay, but actually the sauce is made with tomatoes, or the gravy thickened with wheat flour.In any case, when you suffer from anxiety it’s important to look after yourself and there’s nothing wrong with having natural anxiety cures with you at all times. One day you will be able to leave them at home, but for now it’s comforting to be prepared!