Microsoft Word- Modern Day Features for Understanding

When you have so many topics to discuss about, it becomes difficult to structure your thoughts in a systematic way but nevertheless, people still manage to make things work out but when it pertains to technology and electronic gadgets, it becomes all the more difficult.

The software industry is in its most productive phase in the new decade of the 21st century where you have gadgets like the computer, tablet, laptop, etc. to work on and ever since our mobile phones have turned into miniature PCs, it can be seen how life has altered both for the better and worse.

When the discussion is about technology, let’s begin with an important tool that we all know about where many people would find it interesting to mention but has sadly been relegated to the sidelines due to upgraded features taking its place.

Defining Aspects

How many readers would recall the first computer they purchased and brought home? Most of you would easily recall the year it happened because it was a breakthrough moment when you started the PC and saw the desktop for the first time, which would have been exhilarating to say the least.

Microsoft Word was one of the first icons you would have seen along with Paint, PowerPoint and games like Hearts, FreeCell, Solitaire, Minesweeper and a few others but now times have changed drastically.

We are in the 21st century and there have been many interesting features that we get in MS Word each year but we’ll just look at the ones that have come out in MS Word 2019 so that people would get to know about them.

Just like the features on your Android or Apple device, you can upgrade your MS Word features to make it work out in current times where many readers would be familiar with most of them.

Ignorance is bliss and there are many such folks out there that delight in staying ignorant about some important features therefore let us look at some of them so that Microsoft Word Free Download becomes a catchphrase of sorts.


  1. Word Translation- An important one to begin with the list where you might be foreign to languages that are spoken throughout the globe, which is why it is important to have a translator to help you translate it into your national language, which is why Microsoft Translator has become a household name for many users as it would help in shattering the language barrier and pique your interest in learning about a few languages
  2. You need to have good reading and writing skills but it doesn’t help by sitting at the system and tiring yourself for hours together, which is why this tool has been created
  3. You can create your own icons with the size and color of your choice
  4. It is easy to navigate through documents without scrolling through endlessly as you can view different pages through side by side view akin to reading a book
  5. You can write documents through a digital pen that is understandable to everyone