How To Make A Proposal That Stands Out

When you are in the thoughts of tying your knots for life, the proposal is a very important moment that you should plan with finesse. Your spouse-to-be will remember it and talk about it to his/her friends and perhaps make it known on social media. It will be a milestone of your journey together, so go ahead and plan it carefully to make it special! With the help of the Quick Extender Pro, you can stand out in the crowd to make a proposal to your girl. The product is beneficial for the treatment of many problems as a result a boy can get better results with the use of it. There is a need to get complete details about them so that the running of  the relationship is smooth and easy.

Here are ten creative ways to make your proposal stand out:

  1. Beach proposal

How romantic isn’t it to propose on a beach, with the sound of the ocean waves? You can source for a deserted beach and ask a friend to go there beforehand to write in the sand on a pre-picked place. To be sure, ask your friend to send you the picture of the letters in the sand and give him/her a cue when to leave the place. Alternatively, ask your partner’s best friend to help you out by asking him/her to bring your partner to the beach to help take some photos for something. When they arrive at the beach, you make your proposal and your friend has a camera ready!

  1. Treasure Hunt proposal

Create a number of clues – envelopes or pieces of paper with clear directions or riddles (just make sure your partner can solve them!) Have one clue leading to another. You can start in your house and lead your partner to the place where you are ready, waiting with your ring. It will be a very exciting and memorable event that will stand out!

  1. Video proposal

Make a simple video with photos and video clips of you both being together. You can include places you’ve visited such as the park, your favourite restaurants or trips you did as a couple. Play your favourite love song in the background and end the video with the text “will you marry me?” It will confidently be a hit. Have a table for two ready for a candlelight dinner to end the romantic evening.

  1. Public proposal

Does the person you desire to marry love to be in the limelight? You could consider asking for his/her hand in a public place such as a restaurant (with staff helping out with music and guests around cheering). Or how about asking him/her in the break of a sports game? Whatever way you choose, ensure you are quite sure your partner will say yes. If not, it will be a very embarrassing experience for both of you.

  1. Boat proposal

Renting a little rowing boat and row out on a small and serene lake can be very romantic. Bring a picnic basket with some of your favourite snacks and drinks and perhaps two fishing rods if that is something you both enjoy. After your meal, go down on your knees and ask. It will be amazing. If you don’t like the boat idea, consider to propose on the dock. Moreover, if you can pick a day when the moon is full, that would be something extraordinary and romantic – proposing by a lake in the moonlight.

  1. Birthday proposal

You can consider proposing at your own or your partner’s birthday party. Just be kind of sure he/she will answer yes as there will be lots of people watching. The fun thing with this is that your friends and family can join the fun! And the mood for celebration is already present! Just be sure your partner will answer “yes.” You wouldn’t want a “no” on an occasion like that, because then it would be an unforgettable evening for the wrong reason…

  1. Mountain proposal

If you and your partner are adventurous and enjoy mountain climbing, a great place to ask for your partner’s hand would be when you reach the peak. With a spectacular view, you and your partner will have an unforgettable experience. Remember to place the box with the ring safely in your pocket as you climb. Kneel down, show the ring and ask your partner if he/she would want to spend the rest of his/her life with you. The ambience will be matchless!

  1. Holiday proposal

Pop your big question on a holiday you already planned together. It would be so memorable to present the ring when you both are on a trip. Make it special – propose at the museum, in the park, at the café, on the street, when snorkelling, in the train, in the ski lift, in the hotel or whichever place you feel fit. Don’t be afraid to ask people for help – they are often more than happy to assist.

  1. Home proposal

Perhaps you and your partner like the simple and more private? Then proposing at home may be a great idea. It will be a safe and relaxed environment. Timing would be crucial – a time when your partner isn’t too tired or is planning to rush off for something, because you would want to have enough time to enjoy the moment. Consider a romantic dinner for two and then get down on your knee to propose. Or read a love poem followed by the four words “will you marry me?” Take into consideration candles, flowers, fragrances, rose petals and background music.

You can set up a tripod to capture your proposal on film with angles tested prior to the recording so you can capture his/her reaction.

  1. Amusement park proposal

How cool it would be to propose on the move! Perhaps a roller coaster will be too fast, but what about a carousel or a Ferris wheel? You can ask the staff if they can allow you to go two rounds and then you’ll have enough time to propose. Consider asking when you are at the very top of the Ferris wheel. Or if you want something quieter, bring your partner to a far away corner of the park and bow one knee to ask him/her, perhaps after the sunset. The pros of this venue is that you both likely had a great day of fun together, and what would be better than to end the day with you both tying your knots? In conclusion, it will certainly be a proposal that stands out!