Get Website Traffic With Social Bookmarking

For this lesson, we will take a look at Social Bookmarking, which is probably the fastest, easiest way to buy website traffic. Here is a quick video from YouTube that will give you an overview of what social bookmarking is all about. The video is a couple of years old, but the concept hasn’t changed at all.

Now the above video just discusses the Delicious site, but the principle is the same for most social bookmarking websites. What we want to do is streamline this process so that we can submit our links to multiple sites. For this task, we will use a free service called SocialMarker.

Using Social Marker, we can submit our website to several different places in a matter of minutes. Here is a sample of some of the sites we can submit to:

At SocialMarker, you will see this form at the top right of the page:

his is all pretty self-explanatory. You would put the title of the site you are bookmarking, the web address, and in the next part, you would just put a short description of the site.

The part you really want to get right is the Tags section. Make sure you use keywords in this section that match your website. For example, I would use tags such as “get website traffic” and “traffic to a website” if I were bookmarking this site.

Visit SocialMarker and follow the simple instructions at the site to get started. They have videos and an extensive FAQ section if you need help. The main time consumer here is signing up to all of the different sites before you submit to them. You only have to sign up once though, and after that, the process is much faster.

This will help you get website traffic in two ways. First, it gets you backlinks. These are simply links at other websites that point back to your site. The more backlinks you have out there, the better your chances are of having your pages or posts ranked high in the search engines. Second, lots of people visit these social sites, so you improve your chances of having your site found by the casual web browser.

One last thing. Don’t overdo it! The mistake many people make is that they bookmark everything they write. This technique is most effective if you just bookmark every few days. You don’t want to look as if you are trying to spam the system. If you blog, bookmark every other post. It also helps if you mark sites that don’t belong to you so that everything looks natural.

The same rule holds true if you own a regular website. Just bookmark some of the best pages on your site, along with some of your favorite sites that you visit regularly. Used wisely, social bookmarking can help you get website traffic with very little effort.