Drone Career Opportunities and Training Courses

Pilots of drones are in demand. In fact, the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International has forecasted that more than 100,000 new remotely piloted aircraft jobs will be created by 2025. A previous Goldman Sachs prevailing views $17 billion in consumer drone spending from 2016 to 2020 and an additional $13 billion from the commercial and civil industries. That is indeed when more practitioners are searching for aerial video to do business, such as realtors, security firms, advertising agencies, architects, construction firms and developers. 

Now is the time for new entrants to enter the industry, with drone adoption accelerating at a rapid pace and predicted to grow exponentially over the next 5 years. You might become a drone solution provider like RMUS for prospective pilots searching for a promoting and managing, which not only offers industrial drone facilities across the agriculture, oil, public health and safety sectors and more, but also offers a range of training services that are unique to the needs of the customer’s drone program.

If you want to become a drone pilot, there’s a possibility that demand for drone pilots will expand even more with a new proposal from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). The FAA indicated that, under some conditions, flying drones over people and at night should be legal and should not require a waiver. The new rules require drone pilots to obtain a permit to operate their drones over individuals or at night. If that restriction is removed, it will boost the industry and enable more regular flying of drones. This will, in principle, boost the need for drone pilots and may, among other possibilities, open up night shifts for drone pilots.

You can turn to a business like DroneBase if you are looking for a more part-time approach, which helps drone pilots find employment in their local region. You would need to have your Part 107 License or your country’s equivalent commercial flight certificate to do this, then build and upload your profile to their database so that they can find you an acceptable placement. You can find work online in other ways by easy searching on a standard job site. Aerial photography, real estate, land insurance, as well as more advanced vacancies such as building, where drones are widely used for designing and planning new projects, are traditional vacancies.

It’s not shocking that some people want to enter the field and fly a drone for money, with drones being an increasingly important industry. It’s normal to see interested pilots asking how to become a commercial drone pilot, for the most part. There is not an enormous amount of information available about the process of becoming a drone pilot outside of government sites, considering the growing profile of drones.

Drones are revolutionizing businesses and organizations across a number of markets, proving to be an invaluable contributor to the bottom line of every company. The journey starts with a clear understanding of the rules for becoming a compliant, responsible operator for pilots wanting to be part of this booming industry, and eventually having the requisite training to help you become a certified drone pilot.