Demystifying the Shincheonji- The Church Of The Jesus

Shincheonji, the Church of the Jesus, Temple of Tabernacle of Testimony (SCJ), generally known as the Shincheonji Church of the Jesus or only Shincheonji. New Earth & New Heaven; IPA is an off-shoot Christians’ new and latest religious movement established in the South of Korea via none other than Lee Man-hee.

The teaching of Shincheonji claims that the founder Lee is pastor affirmed in the New and latest Testament that a Book of the Revelation is composed and written in the secret metaphors (the parables) that just Lee is competent of when it comes to deciphering. Before he found his very own religious movement, he was very much a member of this controversial group known as the Olive Tree, a new and latest religious & spiritual movement that spawned the first counterculture movement in after-war Korea. However, the connection isn’t present in Shincheonji’s biography of Lee.

The Teaching

Shincheonji teaches that it’s the correct faith with the members receiving aid at a time of the final judgment. Anyone who is not there in the very group will be denied destruction & forgiveness.

In the year 2020, the group went on to become the locus of intense inspection during the Corona Virus-19 pandemic in the South of Korea. The brawl of covid-19 cases in and around Korea has originally centered in the Daegu post. A 61-ears-old member of Shincheonji known as the Patient number 31 infected some of the other church members, causing the Coronavirus to grow in Daegu. When this disease spread amongst the members of the Shincheonji and hundreds of thousands of other individuals, there’s this national outcry towards the group. Via 22 Feb 2020, around 1.3 million South Korea citizens signed the online petition to a Blue House asking the govt. To disband the Shincheonji thoroughly.

Shincheonji’s Church of The Jesus

Based on a very foundation of Christ and the Scripture’s commands, the Church of Shincheonji of Jesus is a spiritual group from South Korea. The Shincheonji has devotee across the world and involves community assistance work to be a light to this world.

Shincheonji Provides Back to Coronavirus-19 Patients

Almost over a year has gone by since the very beginning of this pandemic. In a mission to bring the stoppage to Coronavirus, to restore health, and the well-being of friends and the families to restore the global community, the members of Shincheonji are at the vanguard of donating the plasma for Coronavirus research. Let’s together go on to join in this very cause.

4,000 lus Recovered Coronavirus Church Members Donate 83 Billion Dollars Worth of the Plasma for Cure

Yes, you read that right that over 4,000 plus members of Shincheonji Church of the Jesus provided to donate the plasma for research after they recovered from Coronavirus.

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