Buying the best water pitcher- A buyers guide

It’s nothing unnatural to be scared of water-borne diseases nowadays. Tap water is mostly contaminated and can take a serious toll on your health if consumed directly. Apart from bacteria and viruses the water coming from the tap may also have soluble solid that can cause serious harm to your body. Water pitchers are the best solutions to avail clean and healthy drinking water. But wait, all the pitchers are not the same. You need to have a good look at the variety before you buy one of these for your house. Zero water pitcher has become popular in the last few years for its 5 staged filtration technology offering you 99.6% soluble solid free water. 

Know the listed certifications of the water filter 

NSF standard is considered to be the best quality filtration offered by a pitcher. If your pitcher is certified by NSF then you know that the pitcher will provide you with clean and healthy water. Another major indicator is the certification provided by the water quality association. Only premium brands get this certification after a series of scrutiny. While you know that the certification is there with your water pitcher you are free from your worries. 

Consider the filter life before buying a pitcher 

You would not like to change the filter after a couple of weeks of usage. That would always add up to your monthly cost. However, it is necessary to replace the filter from time to time depending upon the filter life. So make sure to buy a pitcher that offers a filter that has a longer life. Zero water pitcher is one of the brands that not only offers you top-quality pitchers but also offers filters with longer life. The filters that are offered by the company fit all its models and last for an average of 2 months depending on the usage. 

The size of the jug is an important consideration

The size of the jug plays a very important role when it comes to buying a pitcher. A 10 cup jug sized pitcher is a standard one that doesn’t need repeated refilling of water. But if you intend to serve a family of 3 then an 8 cup jug sized pitcher will be good. Make sure to consider the refilling time while buying a pitcher because a few minutes of the dry throat after scorching heat may feel like a lifetime. 

Usage and cleaning 

Repeated usage of the pitcher will require cleaning. Make sure to buy a water pitcher that offers you the ease of cleaning. Alongside you also need to ensure the fact that the replacement of filter cartridges is an easy process. For some of the poorly designed pitchers, the filters are wrongly placed which leads to difficulty when it comes to replacement. Remember to buy a pitcher with filters that don’t need pre-soaking. 

While keeping these factors in mind all you need to do is look for the best product that fits your need and you are ready to have some fresh, tasty and chilled water.