Bringing you the Best Quality of dry Firewood

Firewood by σκουλαρικια, for decades, they have been a leading firewood supplier, delivering dried wood from drying chambers to homes and businesses. You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for firewood to buy. Their woods, which are of excellent quality and always dry, are delivered to your door within 24 hours of your order. They have the firewood from six different locations across Attica, and they are proud of the high quality of the items they provide. The majority of their firewood is cut at 35-40 points to suit 95 per cent of Attica’s fireplaces. They will cut them to 20-25 points if you ask them to for use in small fireplaces, wood stoves, and stoves. They can cut them to any size you like if you ask.

Why to choose them?

  • Throughout the year, dry firewood is available.
  • Always with the best deals and the best rates
  • When it comes to distribution, everything is measured and volumetric.
  • Vehicles that can be seen anywhere
  • Throughout Athens, immediate delivery is available.
  • Clean firewood was stacked.

Types of Woods available:

Olive- The best wood to burn in the fireplace is olive.

  • To slowly start the flame, place a few thin twigs and other “soft” wood (such as spruce).
  • After that, combine the olive wood with 2-3 pine or other “strong” wood logs.
  • If you find that some of the wood is wet, dry it by placing it against the fireplace’s walls.

Holly – An excellent firewood

  • Its consistency is comparable to, if not superior to, that of the olive.
  • The oak woods are easy to light and burn slowly, so the fire in the fireplace will last for hours.
  • They’re hard to come by, but a small quantity can keep your fireplace lit and your home warm for many hours.

Oak (Oak) – The sure choice for your fireplace

  • Oak is also thick and takes a long time to burn. It does, however, produce excellent charcoal that can be used the next day.
  • It’s one of the best kinds of wood for your fireplace or woodstove, and it’s also good for energy fireplaces.
  • Both oak species’ wood is strong, hard, and resistant to rot, making it ideal for long-term storage.

Beech – Ideal for charcoal

  • Beech burns quickly and leaves a small amount of ash in the fireplace or stove. Gives a greater flame with a lower density. 
  • The woods are softer than oak and olive, but they last longer than pine and do not produce sparks.
  • They can be mixed with harder “firewood” for optimum production.

Which is the best wood?

Some forms of firewood produce odours, so they can’t be used for combustion, and they can’t all be used at the same time. Other products can be used for “lighting,” while others can be used for “primary combustion.” The most popular types of wood in the country are those mentioned above in detail. 

Other fruit trees, such as apple, cherry, and almond, produce high-quality wood as well. In most cases, oak wood is chosen because it produces a powerful flame without causing significant problems and has a long burn time. Because of the resin they produce, pine trees should not be used as the primary firewood because they are highly flammable and unsafe for uncontrolled burning. 

However, keep in mind that the availability of firewood in your area plays a big part in deciding what kind of wood to burn. Olive, for example, is commonly used on the islands, whereas beech is preferred in mountainous areas.

Where to store the wood?

Before you even get firewood, you should think about the best place and way to store it, particularly if it’s the primary or only source of heat for your home. Fresh wood, on the whole, has a lot of moisture in it. Wet wood does not burn efficiently and can cause additional problems during the burning process. The wood should be dried to a moisture content of less than 20%. After a year of storage and drying, the wood usually still contains 15 to 20% water. Experts say the best firewood is that which has been stored for more than two years and is fully dry.

Some tips to store firewood:

  • Arrange the wood in vertical and horizontal rows alternately.
  • Place the wood on a wooden pallet and stack it. They are shielded from moisture in this way.
  • Make sure there is at least 10cm of space between the stack of wood and the house’s wall to allow for enough airflow.
  • A cover should be placed over the wood. Make sure that there is enough airflow between the cover and the wood in this situation.


To properly light your fireplace, begin by preparing it with a lighter and three to four branches. Your flame will automatically light up with the lighter and leaves, and you will need to put a dry hardwood, preferably olive or beech, on top of it.

Toxic gases can also be emitted in your home if painted wood or furniture is thrown into the fireplace. Chemical lighters should be avoided. Lock the door and switch off the air supply. Using a non-flammable part, carefully remove the ash and coals. 

To avoid being clogged with smoke, clean the chimney regularly, at least once a year. Failure to clean allows the smoke inside the flue to ignite. Also, never add flammable liquids like gasoline, alcohol, or other flammable liquids to a fire to exacerbate or rekindle it.