The Shift . . .

The last several years has witnessed a shift in consciousness, both subtle and dynamic and the Totem Pole Journeys have been a part in making that shift happen. Awareness has reached to settler and indigenous communities across the globe and resistance to further destruction of the Earth is growing.

Against overwhelming economic, political and racially-biased forces, individuals, communities, organizations and yes, even some governmental entities, are taking ownership for the sanctity of the air, land, water and wildlife and struggling to exercise their shared responsibility over the restoration, protection and preservation of these gifts.

But, has it been enough?

Obviously not.  Temperatures and sea levels are continuing to rise.  Human populations are being displaced due to climate changes.  Glaciers, polar ice and permafrost are melting faster than projected.  Species are continuing to go extinct or or are threatened at alarming rates.  Some current political and corporate forces move with alacrity to increase the exploitation of and profit gained from our limited natural “resources.”  The list goes on.

Do we abandon then, in futility, the efforts to resist fossils fuels and corporate greed, protect sacred lands and waters, hear earth-centered voices and witness earth-centered cultures, honor all life in human and natural communities?


Despite the staggering number of obstacles placed before us, armed with courage, commitment, creativity and sheer audacity, individuals, communities and groups are continuing to move forward on that path forged by the Totem Pole Journeys.  This movement contains within it a commitment to expanding the depth and breath of what it means to recognize what our shared responsibilities are, to assume those sacred obligations and to draw and defend the line that marks the boundary between what’s acceptable and unacceptable in our Journey to create a just society that honors the gifts of the Earth.

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