Are You An Urban Rider? Here The Best Folding Bike Options

It is noticed that the market is hugely flooded with the option s of electronic bikes. There are many options that are available out there in the market, especially for the urban rider. Due to the rising levels of pollution and coronavirus, people are shifting to personal electric vehicles, due to which there is a rise in demand for electronic bikes in the market. But there is an issue of choice here. 

Yes, you have heard that right. There are so many folding bikes available in the market, due to which people are confused. That is why we have stacked up a list of the best folding bikes that are available around in the market. But before you look into the best folding bike, you should list out your demand and look for the following factors in the bike. 

  • The price of the bike and value comparison is important. 
  • The size of the bike before and after folding 
  • Know the detail about the braking and suspension system. 
  • You should also check out the speed modules of the bike. 

The list of the bike is mentioned below. 

Tern BYB S11 

The first bike on the list is manufactured by the tern company, and the main reason this bike has scored the best is the comfort like regular bikes they are offering. Along with that, the bike’s size after they fold is compact, which has attracted many people. The folded size of the bike is around 33*78.7*51 cm which is pretty impressive. Some of the specifications of the bike are mentioned below. 

  • The bike’s weight is around 12.7 kg which makes it super light to lift and take everywhere. 
  • There is only one size available for this bike. 
  • The gears that are present in this foldable bike are more than the regular gear folder that is 11. You can shift to different speed models quickly with smooth transition dials. 
  • The bike is based upon a double joint design which leaves the size of the bike to around 30% only after you fold the bike. 

Tern Link C8 

If you are fond of travelling, you must be looking for a bike to carry around with you anytime. If yes, then you can think of buying this bike. This is the best bike that will fit easily into your luggage racks, and you can take it around. Some of the specifications of this bike are mentioned in detail below. 

  • The size of the bike after folding it is 39.5*80*73 cm which can be carried out easily around. 
  • The bicycle’s weight is 12.8 kg which is easily handleable when you carry your bike around or travelling with it. 
  • There is a standard gear set of 8 joined in this bike. 
  • There is a magnetic dropout clip bundled around with the bike, which helps fold the bike easily. 
  • The transitions of the folding of the bike are very smooth and can be done easily. 
  • The 20-inch wheelset has a decent amount of air capacity and gives excellent puncture protection to the riders, which make it a good option for travellers. 
  • The ear box requires the least maintenance, which can make you rely on them. 

Brompton B75

If you are looking for the best bike within the least price, this bike is the best option. The folding size of the bike is 58.5*56.5*27.0 cm, which can be fitted anywhere in your house. The weight of the bike is less than 12 kgs and is available in only one size. Some of the specifications of the bike are mentioned below in detail. 

  • The bike can become super compact when it is folded due to its gold-standard quality and reliability. 
  • The bike is rated best for its comfort as compared to others on the list.
  • There is a U-shaped handlebar that is rested perfectly on 16 inches front tire. 
  • There are three gears in the bike exclusively produced by the Sturmey archer brand. 

Dahon IOS D9 

The Dahon bike is a nine-speed bike that is known for the best ground cover they are offering. The size of the wheels is 24 inches, and the weight of the bike is around 12 kg which is suitable for such a huge tyre bike. The bike works on a simple procedure of folding that makes it easy to use. The brakes that are fitted into the bike are mechanical, with 160 mm rotors that work well within all terrains.


So, these are the best foldable bikes that a person can consider when they are thinking of buying the best bikes. All you need to do is list your requirements in detail and then see through all the cycles at You should pick up the bike that is most competitive and matches all your needs.