2013 Totem Pole Journey: The Amish

There are several Amish communities in Montana: the vast and intact landscapes have attracted those seeking a simple, agriculturally-based way of life.  The first community was established about a decade ago, and they have since been growing. The proposed Tongue River rail road, which would haul coal from the coal mines in the Otter Creek area to proposed ports in the Pacific Northwest, would cut through much of the agricultural lands of the Amish. Further, coal mining has already degraded the clean water supply that is needed for crops. Amish farmers are expressing concerns about these developments. The Otter Creek area has historically been used by several Native American tribes, including the Northern Cheyenne and Crow. More information on Otter Creek area coal mining and on Tongue River railroad proposals, and potential impacts on peoples and life ways, can be found at the Northern Plains Resource Council as well as the Western Organization of Resource Councils.