Ab Rocket Abdominal Trainer

Everyone’s looking to save a little here and there, and the market for cheaper exercise equipment, like the Ab Rocket Abdominal Trainer, is rising. But with lower prices comes an increased risk of poor quality in a product. Does the Ab Rocket work? Follow us for a few more paragraphs to get an accurate analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of this eighty-dollar product.

Like most smaller exercise equipment, the Ab Rocket Abdominal Trainer has a somewhat limited body type compatibility range. If you’re over six feet tall or weigh two hundred pounds or more, it’s likely that this product won’t be great for you. The slim and trim frame that keeps the price down is simply meant for smaller people. Average to short-sized people who aren’t overweight should find it suitable for their needs, though.

Many Ab Rocket customer reviews will mention the resistance mechanisms being somewhat inadequate, but this is actually an intended feature. The lower resistance allows you to put more focus on your abs, increasing the intensity of your workout. However, this isn’t hugely intuitive, and many people rush to judge the product without boning up on the instructional segments first. This results in the product getting an undeservedly bad rap.

Granted, it’s not exactly an intense high-performance machine. An advanced user will likely get little out of the Ab Rocket Abdominal Trainer; it’s clearly marketed at more casual users such as stay-at-home moms and people with generally sedentary lifestyles. If you fall into the category the product is aiming for, you’ll likely be very happy with it. If you demand more out of your exercise regimen, you may want to try adding on the Flexmaster Ab Rocket Attachment or finding a more expensive and rugged product entirely.

Despite the flamboyantly enthusiastic name, which perhaps gives unreasonable expectations, the best thing about the Ab Rocket is simply the fact that it provides reasonable back support. Without it, you’ll actually be able to do more effective crunches. But with it, you have the support to do many more crunches without your back wearing down quickly. Thus, it’s first and foremost a comfort enhancer.

A misconception many users often have is that they can simply work out with the Ab Rocket and get great abs by default. But your body doesn’t work that way! To expose your ab muscles you first need to shed fat and the best weight loss pills for women and men can make that easier for you. Until you do that, it doesn’t matter how many reps on the Ab Rocket you do. The standard methods for this, as always, apply: cardio routines such as running or power walking, and a healthy diet low in fat and high in vegetable and fruit content. A program like Fat Loss Factor offers all of this plus more. Only when you take all these elements and put them together will you get any noticeable results out of the machine, and that’s certainly not the fault of the product. Have reasonable expectations and you’ll find it worth your money, with the caveats, noted earlier.