9 Why You Need Cctv Camera In The Philippines

There are several advantages of having CCTV camera installed in your especially in countries like the Philippines, wherein the crime rate is continuously increasing in spite of the government’s effort to reduce them. Here are some of them:

  1. Have Extra Sets of Eyes

While CCTV camera will not literally warn you against intruders, it gives you extra sets of eyes around your home. CCTV cameras today also have IR LEDs that allow you to see during night time even without light source. Most surveillance cameras have automatic night vision switch that lit up automatically when it starts to get dark. This gives you the ability to spot the intruders’ ahead, giving you enough time to lock all possible entrances and call the authorities.

  1. Be able to Identify Intruders

Most CCTV cameras in the Philippines have their own recorder that allows you to playback video files. This is especially helpful if you found out that someone broke in to your home or you lost something valuable, or you simply want to know what happened while you were away. The playback feature allows you to identify intruders, thieves in most cases; and get solid evidence, which you can later on show to the authorities as hard evidence against them. This gives you more chances of retrieving your valuables, as well as to prevent thieves from going back.

  1. Protect your Home; Protect your Family

Many paket cctv owners report that after getting reliable CCTV system, they have now caught some people on power trip that used to vandalize their home for no apparent reason. Some people just do crazy stuffs for no cause. While this is a petty issue, having a CCTV camera system installed in your home helps you identify these people and be able to finally stop them from vandalizing your home and other properties.

  1. Watch Over your Loved Ones while Away

Another great advantage of having CCTV system in the Philippines is that it allows you to monitor your home even without actually being there. With the remote viewing feature, you can now monitor your home, watch your kids and loved ones from another location. You can be anywhere you want and still be able to watch over your loved ones, as long as you have an internet connection. CCTV cameras today have very sophisticated features that allow you to see your CCTV camera at home directly on your mobile phone. This is also username and password protected, so that no one else can access them. CCTV camera in the Philippines is especially beneficial for those who have loved ones working abroad; you no longer have to miss a moment away from your loved ones, since you can freely watch them over the internet all the time.

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