He explained to his mother that being a warrior meant . . .

Facebook post by Marti Crago
August 29 at 11:02pm

I am so thankful that my 10 year old grandson, Mateo, was able to attend this ceremony with me. The stories, inspired words, prayers, songs and blessings were so powerful. I know he will carry that day in his heart as he grows into manhood. I was proud of him for “standing up” to be a warrior in response to Jewell’s exhortation. Later in the evening he explained to his mother that being a warrior meant that he “would not pollute” and he “would always protect Mother Earth”. The image and beauty, the strength and meaning of the House of Tears Totem Pole will live in his heart forever. Thank you for your many gifts. I was so blessed to have this opportunity to teach my grandson and share deepening conversations with him afterwards. How wonderful to come together in the larger community to acknowledge our relationship to each other and to the great and wondrous natural world in which we have our very being. Thank you to all who put this together and to all who participated. On to Standing Rock and Winnepeg! A Ho!