A Vignette of the Yakama Presentation to the Standing Rock Sioux Tribal Council

By Richard Jehn, Journey Chronicler

Nearing the end of their presentation to the Standing Rock Sioux Tribal Council, the Yakama Chairman, JoDe L. Goudy, called all of the Yakama children present to stand in front of the Yakama Tribal representatives. The Chairman identified Waussus as the youngest Yakama child present and asked that she wrap the youngest Standing Rock Sioux child in a gift blanket for the Tribe.

I caught up to Waussus, her older brother and sister, and her grandparents as they were leaving the Standing Rock administrative offices.

This simple ceremonial gesture reminds us all of the critical reason we are making the effort to connect with as many Tribes and people as possible in order to ensure our grandchildren and our grandchildren’s grandchildren have a prosperous life on Mother Earth.

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