Upcoming Longview, WA Blessing event

TPJ Longview

Photo by Bill Wagner

Residents of Longview are currently fighting against the proposed Millennium Bulk Terminal, the largest proposed coal export terminal in North America. The Millennium Bulk Terminal would export 44 million tons of coal annually to Asian markets. In over a quarter million comments submitted to Washington State’s Department of Ecology, community members voiced concerns about the effects of the terminal on salmon, the tourist industry, and the economy. The consequences of building this coal terminal would reach far beyond the city and environment of Longview, however, as train traffic in Idaho and Montana would also significantly increase, and communities living along the rail lines in all three states would suffer from increasing exposure to coal dust and particulate matter as a result. The adverse effects of the Millennium Bulk Terminal are extremely evident in the Columbia River Gorge, where open-topped coal trains pollute the air, land, and water, violating the Clean Water Act, and in doing so, endangering the health and sustainability of wildlife in the Gorge.

Earlier this year, Port of Longview commissioners voted to end talks with Waterside Energy, an energy company proposing to build an oil refinery in Longview. The proposed project included an oil refining facility that would process 30,000 barrels of oil and 15,000 barrels of biofuel daily, along with a propane and butane terminal. By declining further talks with Waterside Energy, commissioners succeeded in preventing an additional three crude oil trains from passing through the Columbia River Gorge ever week, which would have put the environment and human health at higher risk for an oil train disaster, like what happened in Mosier in June of 2016.

~Naomi Price-Lazarus, Stand.earth

Location: Longview Methodist Church
2851 30th Ave., Longview, WA, U.S.
Time: 10:30 – 11:30 am Blessing (parking lot)

  • Rev. Rene’ Decanter, Welcome
  • Tanna Engdahl, Spiritual leader of the Cowlitz Tribe, Traditional Welcome and Totem Pole Blessing
  • Mary Lyons, Landowners and Citizens for a Safe Community
  • Liz and Dexter Kerney, Longview Presbyterian

Time: 11:30 am Lunch (Side yard)
Location: Longview Methodist Church
2851 30th Ave., Longview, WA, U.S.