Seattle, Washington Blessing Coming Up August 25, 2016

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Totem Pole and Jewell

Lummi House of Tears Master Carver Jewell James and the 2016 Totem Pole being dedicated to the First Nations in Winnipeg, Manitoba Province, Canada

Location:  St. Mark’s Episcopal Cathedral
10th Ave. E., Seattle, WA

3:00 Gather and smudge 

Main Event 

Moderator: The Very Reverend Steven L. Thomason (Dean and Rector, Saint Mark’s Episcopal Cathedral)

4:00 Welcome 

 Ken Workman (fourth great-grandson of Chief Seattle, Duwamish Tribe)

 Processional, Seattle Peace Choir

 The Very Rev. Thomason (Dean and Rector, Saint Mark’s Episcopal Cathedral)

4:15 Speakers 

 Shasta Cano-Martin (Secretary, Lummi Indian Business Council)

 Chief Phil Lane, Jr. (Hereditary Chief of the White Swan Dakotas)

 Tarika Powell (Senior Research Associate, Sightline Institute)

 Tyson Johnston (Vice President, Quinault Nation)

5:00 Q’al: 2016 Totem Pole Journey 

 Father Patrick J. Twohy, SJ

 Jewell Praying Wolf James (Head Carver, Lummi Nation House of Tears Carvers)

 LeeAnne Beres (Executive Director, Earth Ministry/Washington Interfaith Power and Light)

5:45 Offering (The Very Rev. Thomason)

 Musical interlude, Seattle Peace Choir

5:50 Call to action and closing remarks 

 Robin Everett (Lead Organizer, Sierra Club)

6:00 Commissioning (The Very Rev. Thomason)

 Recessional, Seattle Peace Choir

Post-Event Celebration 

6:00 Food trucks, music, speakers, and individual blessings of the totem pole

8:00 End, totem pole departs for Longview, WA