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Stay tuned at this page for regular updates from each stop along the 5,500-mile totem pole journey, as the journeyers have an opportunity to share them.

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Along the 6,000 mile totem pole journey, people from many different tribal nations helped to create “Our Painted Responsibilities,” a collaborative participatory mural intended to bring together the voices of Native America through art. Watch this video to learn more about the project and hear from the people who helped create it.

December 4, 2014 – 7:00 pm
Bellingham Unitarian Fellowship
1207 Ellsworth Street, Bellingham (map)

Join us as Lummi elder and Master Carver Jewell James and other members of the Totem Pole Journey share with us their successes and stories from the journey. Learn about how the journey brought the message of our shared responsibility toward the Earth and each other to communities in the Dakota territory, Montana, Washington, British Columbia and Alberta.

Witness, through the photography of James Leder, the videos of Fred Lane and the oral narrative of Jewell James and others, the coming together of both native and settler communities for a common purpose — to educate and motivate all of us to reject the fossil fuel industry’s continued destruction of the land, air, water, and communities. The journeyers will offer stories and lessons from the extraction communities to the proposed ports, and provide paths forward for making a difference both locally and globally.

Learn how the lessons from the journey and the communities it visited can be cherished and applied to move beyond a past and present of colonial oppression and bring about a safer, healthier, and ultimately more just future.

The Bellingham Unitarian Fellowship will also collect a freewill offering to help Totem Pole Journey videographer Fred Lane complete a documentary film of the journey.

Background information

In the News:  Articles and news media coverage of the Journey

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22 August 2014: KDLT News, “Several Groups Oppose Keystone XL Pipeline

22 August 2014: EcoWatch, “Hundreds Gather to Oppose North America’s Largest Coal Terminal

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15 August 2014: Grist, “How one Pacific Northwest tribe is carving out a resistance to coal — and winning